Vectorworks 2009

There’s solid news from Columbia, Maryland, the home of Nemetschek North America, and it will make users of the new Vectorworks 2009 four to five times happier than before.

The latest version of Vectorworks computer-aided design, visualization, and rendering software is being announced on Monday, September 15. As part of the rollout, Nemetschek, the maker of the program, announced that they have partnered with Siemens PLM and will use their 3D modeling engine called Parasolid. This 3D modeling kernel technology is used in hundreds of computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering applications in various industries and there are over 2.5 million end-users of Parasolid-enabled applications. The newly embedded kernel delivers added speed and power to the Vectorworks suite of applications.

What does that mean to the live event production industry? Greg Hillmar, freelance lighting designer a member of IATSE Local 829, was in Baltimore to demonstrate the newest features of Vectorworks 2009 and Spotlight. In short, the new modeling engine speeds up modeling operations four to five times, and enabled many new features. There are over 70 new features in all. Among them are an expanded lighting fixture library and real-time Lightwright 5 importing and exporting. The latter allows you to set up automatic data exchange so that it will automatically export updated information to Lightwright version 5 when you make changes to the plot, and vice versa.

Other features include:

·         Automatic DMX512 universe assignment – this prevents the DMX512 slot footprint from bridging two universes

·         Improved DWG/DXF import and export functionality including support for AutoCAD 2009

·         Pre-selection indication – objects are highlighted when you hover your cursor so that you know exactly which object you’re about to select

The new features are designed to speed up and streamline your workflow, making it quicker and easier to get to the bar for a pint of Guinness. But the coolest thing about the new engine is how incredibly fast it can create renderings. Of course, the demonstration in Baltimore for the gathered press was done on a high-end machine with two quad-core processors, but it was really quick.

The presentation was kicked off by Sean Flaherty, CEO of Nemetschek North America, and he introduced some people from Siemens, who told a great story about Parasolid – what it is, what it does, and how it has improved Vectorworks. We had the opportunity to meet many of the people from Nemetschek and what a great bunch of people they are. There’s a certain vibe about the company that radiates excitement and you can tell they are having a great time doing what they do. I think that when you use Vectorworks 2009 you will feel that energy.


One Response to “Vectorworks 2009”

  1. VectorJess Says:

    Richard … err, um, I mean, um — Swami Candela, What a pleasure it was to meet you, Oh Swami. Your wisdom, (infinite, that is) and light, blessed us all. 😉

    Hey, here are some more photos from the event: And here’s one of you, Swami Reporter, on the scene: Here, Swami Candela speaks to the masses: And, my favorite one, where I receive the special Swami blessing of peace:


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